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California has long been a desirable place to live, known for its stunning coastlines, vibrant cities, and the promise of the California dream.
Moving across the country is a very complex process. Even when you hire a full-service moving company, there are so many things you need to do beforehand.
Although moving a mattress seems easy, things can get dicey in narrow corridors. Larger products are especially troublesome as they are often hard to move through the door.
For many people, moving to NYC is a dream come true. New York is the biggest urban area in the country and a very popular tourist destination.
Moving to another state can be pretty intimidating if you have lived your entire life in the same city.
Packing your clothes for moving is a sneaky difficult task. Although you don't have to worry about damaging them, which is the case with paintings and dishes, the process can still be equally tricky.
Despite the fact there's an unspoken rivalry between Canada and the US, many American citizens wouldn't mind relocating to their northern neighbor.
For many people, Alaska is a faraway state with a cold climate. Moving to Alaska isn't a common decision, but it can be a great one. The majority of people move to Alaska for work or adventure. If you take the right approach, you can do both.
Many of us don't know whether and how much to tip movers. Unlike restaurants and hotels, where you have clear "rules" regarding tipping, people are unsure about the proper reaction in these situations.
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